Yung-Yu’s Notes#

Code development, C++ and Python, computational sciences and software engineering, high-performance computing, conservation laws.

Personal Information#

I was trained as a computational scientist and have been practicing scientific computing and its software engineering since 2002. I started in aerospace and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and worked on time-accurate simulations of conservation laws, unstructured meshes of mixed elements, the space-time Conservation Element and Solution Element (CESE) method, and high-performance computing (HPC) and parallel computing. In 2011, I switched to the semiconductor industry to design and move forward software products for optical proximity correction (OPC), which involves HPC, C++/Python hybrid architecture, computational geometry, numerical optimization, etc.

In 2012, aided by great people in the open-source community, we hosted the first local PyCon in Taiwan. I enjoy the code and community and will keep being active in Taiwan and nearby.

The experiences in the industries and open-source practices led me to conclude that code development is at the central of scientific computing. In 2019, I started to organize the practices of building numerical software, i.e., the computer programs employing numerical methods to solve mathematical or physical problems, in a course. Useful information should be circulated among the practitioners.

You can find me, @yungyuc and my code at For professional discussions please use and state clearly who you are and what you want in your connect invitation. But, as always, email works: